A house interpreted by a dreamer and romantic soul

A house interpreted by a dreamer and romantic soul.

Charming house rebuilt on an old nineteenth-century barn, of historical conservation, originally used as a shelter for animals, storage of vehicles and tools; renovated and furnished with success by the designer Giovanna Guglielmi.

The predominant colors are the essences of precious woods, the whiteness of white, the warmth of ocher and burnished, the suggestion of gold and silver. A home that is fully lived, overflowing with memories and sensuality, where the essential and laboriously decorated furnishings coexist in the most intuitive harmony.

Developed on two floors, the house appears as a balanced continuum of open spaces, the simple materials of the structure like exposed stone walls, terracotta and wood floors, highlight the distinctive features of the environment that follows the path dictated from the expanse of ancient hand-woven carpets with pale hues. Four-poster beds embellished with finely embroidered silks, decorated furniture, chandeliers and chandeliers that fill the corners, announcing the atmosphere of the evening.

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