External view of the old barn transformed into a breakfast area.

Inside a thriving garden surrounded by a high vegetation that leads the eye to the sky, between sunny greenhouses that welcome large vases and flowers with an intoxicating scent, immersed in the echo of faraway countries, lies the home of a woman from the creative spirit tireless and averse to contemporary minimalism.

The creator Giovanna Guglielmi, creator of fashion and internationally renowned events, decided to leave the metropolitan bustle to live immersed in nature, where everything is peace and tranquility. Tied to fashion as much as to the passion for refined furnishings, this energetic woman has given life to an intimate, peaceful space, within which every complement and object finds the right place in a complete set.

The whole complex, consisting of several structures, follows the leitmotif of love for nature and materials related to the earth.


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